The Western Conifer Seed Bug

Photograph by Lori-Michele © Copyright 2021 Lori-Michele 

Welcome to the website for The Western Conifer Seed Bug! A harmless, delicate, sensitive, loving, wonderful little bug, that you can also have as a fun pet! 

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A species of 'true bug' that is found almost everywhere in the world. There are some untruths that will be dispelled on this website. When you learn all about them, you'll find out that these bugs are amazing!!!

"BUGS THAT LOVE! is a fascinating book for young and old alike. Lori-Michele has spent 11 years watching and learning amazing and endearing qualities about the Western Conifer Seed Bug and Shield Bugs. Children will quickly realize that there is more to insects than they ever imagined. For one thing, they have distinct personalities. Read the book to find out how much more."

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE,
Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace

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