Here we list facts about The Western Conifer Seed Bug that everyone should know and a few about the Shield bug too!

(More will be added soon!)

FACT They do not spray at or on you. If you felt anything, it was probably because they were scared and peed on you to empty out before they took flight.

FACT They do not smell of anything! Rarely, some can take on the odor of strong pine from what they've been eating, but after a few days of drinking sugar water that clears up and goes away completely.

FACT They don't make any noise, except the slight sound when they fly.

FACT There is very little mess and upkeep when you have one of these as a pet.

FACT They are delicate, kind, loving and intelligent creatures. Treat them gently.



They don't spray on you either.

FACT Even though they are known by the improper and false name of "stink bug" they do not smell and do not have a smell when crushed or stepped on. Rarely, some species of shield bugs will have a foul type odor only when they are dying naturally- which lasts between 1 and 3 days and then it will cease. This is most likely how they got that improper name. While they are alive and happy, they do not have any odor!

FACT They love to fly, play & groom their antennae.

FACT They are very kind, loving and intelligent!

The Western Conifer Seed Bug in palm of hand

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Shield bug

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