BUGS THAT LOVE!            The Amazing Western Conifer Seed Bug (& Shield Bugs Too!)

This book has many wonderful stories and fascinating facts, plus it will provide you with all the information necessary to keep one as a pet and avoid any problems that might arise. Over 70 full-color photographs! Very thorough, detailed, interesting & fun!

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"A debut non-fiction book offers stories about endearing insect pets. Lori-Michele's enthusiasm for her bugs makes for enjoyable reading, and her meticulous observation of their behavior supports her arguments for their emotional intelligence."- Kirkus Reviews  

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"I find it absolutely fascinating! It gives meaning to even the smallest of life that we otherwise don't notice. It is so different and it is for everyone. Instead of calling it a book for children, I would say it is for children from 7 to 97! It has a strong message of love and that everyone counts... No one is too small to deserve love." - Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn


"BUGS THAT LOVE! is a fascinating book for young and old alike. Lori-Michele has spent 11 years watching and learning amazing and endearing qualities about the Western Conifer Seed Bug and Shield Bugs. Children will quickly realize that there is more to insects than they ever imagined. For one thing, they have distinct personalities. Read the book to find out how much more."

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE,
Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace


Bugs That Love! The Amazing Western Conifer Seed Bug & Shield Bugs Too! is a book about little creatures written by Lori-Michele. This book contains an array of fun facts and step-by-step guidance on how to take care of Western Conifer Seed Bugs and Shield Bugs, which serves as an excellent guide for curious children and even adults interested in having a micro pet of their own. Join Lori-Michele on a journey with her little buddies, delving deeper and understanding more of these creatures that surround us. Lori-Michele’s expertise will leave you with valuable knowledge that you can also share and entertain your family and friends with!

Bugs That Love! by Lori-Michele is a well-written book with many intriguing facts about the Western Conifer Seed Bugs and Shield Bugs. I really liked that Lori-Michele included her own background story of how she came upon these creatures and the challenges that she faced in her attempt to care for these bugs. The explanations on these bugs were very in-depth and provided excellent resource material to understanding these small creatures better. In fact, this material was thorough enough so that I was able to use this as a care guide into turning these bugs into micro pets. I also really liked that Lori-Michele included the short life expectancy and the possible deaths that these bugs face, which provides the opportunity for children to learn about the natural life cycle. I really enjoyed the colorful photographs as well, showcasing what the bugs really look like in real life. I would recommend Bugs That Love! to adventurous and curious children and adults intrigued by this subject matter.   - Readers' Favorite 


"The approachable tone and care that went into each chapter makes it a compelling read for insect-loving kids. Takeaway: Young insect lovers looking for a casual, but passionate defense of the value of bugs- as beings and as friends- will find company here." - Booklife


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